Nick has been working with us to bring salmon back to our watersheds and protect our green spaces for everyone to enjoy.”
— Daniel Newberry, Johnson Creek Watershed Council
Whether he’s volunteering with us or championing small grants for local non-profits, Nick knows how important nature is in our community.
— Jim Labbe, Depave

A Clean and Green Future

Nick is proud to serve on a Council that adopted the joint City-County Climate Action Plan, committed to 100% renewable energy by 2050, and is a national leader in sustainability.

  • Nick is protecting urban natural areas like Riverview and Crystal Springs Creek, and bringing salmon back to our urban watersheds.
  • Nick is committed to permanently protecting West Hayden Island from development.
  • Nick championed "poop-to-power," converting methane gas from the city’s sewage treatment plant into renewable natural gas.
  • Nick supported "Banning the Bag" – removing millions of plastic bags from Portland’s ecosystem every year.
  • Nick is a strong supporter of protecting our urban wetlands and wildlife, advocating for a "no-wake zone" in the Ross Island Lagoon and in Holgate Channel.
  • Nick prioritized small grants to community partners like Depave, Friends of Johnson Creek, Tryon Creek Watershed Council, and Verde.
  • Nick has prioritized green infrastructure – like bioswales – treating wastewater in an eco-friendly way and saving ratepayers money.