Justice For All

A former civil rights lawyer, Nick has been speaking out against the rising tide of hate and intolerance and is working to make Portland a more welcoming city for all.

  • Nick co-authored a City Council Resolution funding legal assistance for local Dreamers – and condemning President Trump for rescinding DACA and putting 800,000 Dreamers nationwide at risk.
  • Nick voted to affirm our status as a sanctuary city – sending a strong message that all are welcome here – and supported funding for "Portlanders United Against Hate."
  • Nick supported and funded the "East Portland Action Plan” to strengthen the voice of East Portland.
  • Nick led the city’s conversion of single-stall restrooms to "All-User" and is challenging the business community to do the same.
  • Nick supported the creation of the Office of Equity and Human Rights, and a new tribal liaison to strengthen the city’s partnership with urban and rural Native American communities.
  • Nick voted to "Ban the Box" – because everyone deserves a second chance.

Nick stands with all of us in this time of darkness. He understands that our diversity is our strength.
— Wajdi Said, Muslim Educational Trust