Protecting Workers & Consumers

When out-of-state corporations refuse to play by the rules, Nick has been standing up for workers and consumers.

  • Nick Sponsored Measure 26-194 – ensuring that companies like Airbnb and HomeAway pay the same lodging tax as your favorite mom-and-pop bed and breakfast.
  • Nick voted to require short-term rental companies to disclose the names and addresses of their hosts, so we can make sure their guests are safe.
  • Nick pushed Council to issue subpoenas to Uber, requiring them to disclose information about their corporate practices and use of technology to evade regulators.
  • Nick continues to advocate for common-sense regulations to make sure local consumers are safe in this new sharing economy – through simple requirements like smoke detectors in Airbnb rentals, and adequate insurance and strong background checks for Uber drivers.

Nick has been fighting to ensure a level playing field for all Portland businesses, while holding out of state corporations accountable.
— X, Lion and Rose Victorian Guest House