Community Policing

Nick is deeply committed to rebuilding trust between the community and the Police Bureau. He is working to strengthen accountability and ensure that our police officers treat everyone with fairness and respect.

  • Nick supported a new collective bargaining agreement to strengthen recruitment, and partnered with Mayor Ted Wheeler to eliminate the “48-Hour Rule.”
  • Nick believes in strong public oversight of our police officers, and consistently supports the Auditor's Independent Police Review division.
  • Nick wants officers out of their cars and on our sidewalks, building relationships with neighbors and business owners.
  • Nick voted to increase funding for the Gateway Center for Domestic Violence and accelerate rape kit testing.
  • Nick supported the U.S. Department of Justice investigation on officer use-of-force and is focused on improving police interactions with people experiencing a mental health crisis.

Police reform requires thoughtful and persistent leadership – Nick has been a principled voice in this important work.
— Avel Gordly, Former State Senator