Justice For All

A former civil rights lawyer, Nick believes everyone deserves a fair chance. He has been speaking out against the rising tide of hate and intolerance, and working to make Portland a more welcoming city for all. He is proud to be endorsed by Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC and APANO.

  • Nick co-authored a City Council Resolution funding legal assistance for local Dreamers – and condemning President Trump for rescinding DACA and putting 800,000 Dreamers nationwide at risk.
  • Nick voted to affirm our status as a Sanctuary City – sending a strong message that all are welcome here – and supported funding for "Portlanders United Against Hate."
  • Nick supported and funded the "East Portland Action Plan” to strengthen the voice of East Portland.
  • Nick led the city’s conversion of all single-stall restrooms to "All-User" and challenged the business community to do the same.
  • Nick supported the creation of the Office of Equity and Human Rights, and a new Tribal Liaison to strengthen the city’s partnership with urban and rural Native American communities.
  • Nick voted to "Ban the Box" – because everyone deserves a second chance.
  • Nick supports Net Neutrality, in order to ensure open, affordable, equitable access to the internet. 

Nick stands with all of us in this time of darkness. He understands that our diversity is our strength.
— Wajdi Said, Muslim American Leader