Reforming Our Utilities

Since 2013 Nick has been working to restore trust in our public utilities. He has stabilized rates and is focused on delivering high-quality water, sewer and stormwater services at a fair price, while preparing for the "Big One."

  • Nick is prioritizing basic services to fix our aging pipes and keep our systems reliable.
  • Nick is working to expand financial assistance for renters, families, and older adults.
  • Nick is working with community partners like Friends of Trees to expand our urban tree canopy.
  • Nick is helping Portland prepare for a major earthquake – the "Big One" – by burying our reservoirs and building a new, secure water pipe under the Willamette River.
  • Nick gave ratepayers a stronger voice by establishing the Portland Utility Board and forging a one-of-a-kind partnership with the Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon.
  • Nick led the campaign to prevent the hostile takeover of our public utilities by big polluters.

Nick inherited our utilities in a time of crisis. He has worked tirelessly to rebuild community trust by providing basic services at a fair price.
— Dwight Holton, Blue Ribbon Commission Chair